Land & Water Lesson 3

Team Names:Aria,Andrew,Neve and Guilio
Section A:

Vocabulary (Please locate this word in your Land and Water notebook glossary and label it in the margin "Lesson 3"):


Section B:

Answer the following questions after completing the investigation:
2. Q: What happened to the land as it rained? Why (2 pts.)?
A:It made holes.
3. Q: What happened to the rainwater as it hit the land (2 pts.)?
A:The water went down into the land.
4. Q: Where did the water go (2 pts.)?
A:Into the land.
5. Q: Compare the water in the bucket with the water you rained on the land. How are they different? Can you explain why (2 pts.)?
A:The water that was rain was really clean and the water in the bucket was foggy because all the dirt and sand mixed together with the water.
6. Q: In what ways might heavy or light rain affect land differently? What evidence do you have to show this (2 pts.)?
A:It might make it harder.
7. Q: Think about what you observed today. What did you learn about the relationship between rainwater flowin on land and how streams form (2 pts.)?
A:The water makes the snad and dirt sink down so the water makes a little river to get to the ocean.