Land & Water Lesson 5

Team Names:Aria,Neve,Andrew and Guilio

Use your Land & Water booklet/ journal/ notebook to complete this activity & then use this sheet for your write up!
1. What did your group learn about the properties of :
a.) gravel-texture-bumpy,heavy mass
Tightly packed mineral particles

b.) sand-texture-grainy,light,
Shiny,quartz,holds moisture

c.) humus-texture-Cool,hold water,soft to touch-made of dead plants & animal.

d.) clay-texture-clump together, orangy-reddish,rusty color, flaky

2. How did the water wear away and drop off the gravel, sand, humus and clay? The sand.

3. What did you observe about the particles of sand, and gravel in the stream table? We saw all the gravel go down the stream that the water made and saw all the sand at the other end of the stream table.

4. What did you observe about the other particles of soil? That the soil stayed around the same spot it was before we poured the water.

5. What ws the length of your block of soil? 39 cm

Compare the lengths with the other teams in your room. Are the lengths the same?
Why or why not? The runoff is smaller. It is because it is only a small part of the streamtable.