Lesson 6: Where Does the Water Go?


Section A: Testing Pore Space in Earth Materials

After filling your cylinders with 30 ml of water and letting them sit for 5 minutes, answer the following question:

Q: Where did the 30 ml of water go when you added it to each soil type? Why do you think this happened?
A:It soaked into the soil types and stayed there because the soil type locked in the moisture in the soil types.

Q: Did you get 30 ml of water back from each cylinder? Why do you think this happened?
A:No because the soil locked in the moisture.

Section B: Reflection

Q: Based on what you've seen today, write your own definitions of "ground water" and "runoff" (4 pts).
A: ground water:When the water stays on the ground but doesn't move.
runoff:When the runs down the streamtable really fast.

Q: Where do you think your family receive its drinking water (pts)? Based on the investigation, make a hypothesis.
Hypothesis:We think are srinking water comes from lakes or rivers. Then People at a factory i.e. Ice Mountain take it from the rivers or lakes and clean it out with a special tool.