Land & Water Lesson 3

Team Names:

Section A:

Vocabulary (Please locate this word in your Land and Water notebook glossary and label it in the margin "Lesson 3"):


Section B:

Answer the following questions after completing the investigation:
2. Q: What happened to the land as it rained? Why (2 pts.)?
A: The land got wet and brownish.
3. Q: What happened to the rainwater as it hit the land (2 pts.)?
A: It soked in to the dirt and rocks.
4. Q: Where did the water go (2 pts.)?
A: In the dirt and the rocks.
5. Q: Compare the water in the bucket with the water you rained on the land. How are they different? Can you explain why (2 pts.)?
The water that we poured in the land soked in the land. Also that water that got in the drip bucket stayed in the drip bucket.
6. Q: In what ways might heavy or light rain affect land differently? What evidence do you have to show this (2 pts.)?
A: Heavy rain might make it kind of explode and light rain might make it a little damp.
7. Q: Think about what you observed today. What did you learn about the relationship between rainwater flowin on land and how streams form (2 pts.)?
A. What I learned about is that water goes were it flows like were ever a stream goes the water goes it can even go on oceans, lakes, ponds and swamps.