Land & Water Lesson 5

Team Names:

Use your Land & Water booklet/ journal/ notebook to complete this activity & then use this sheet for your write up!
1. What did your group learn about the properties of :
a.) gravel- Gravel is bumpy, it is the heavyest, inside of gravel there is no air.

b.) sand- Is smooth beacuse water have ben floating over it over time, sand can be made into glass,sand seems to be light.

c.) humus- It fells cold, also it holds water , soft, it's made out of dead plants,

d.) clay- The clay felt like pudy, it is easy to clump toghter,

2. How did the water wear away and drop off the gravel,

sand, humus and clay? When we poured the water the water went down and the water caused the sand to move with the water

3. What did you observe about the particles of sand, and gravel in the stream table?

The clay moved down the stream table, and the humus is gone, also partcles of sand is gone.

4. What did you observe about the other particles of soil?
On the side of the stream table there is clay and dark dark and outher partcles
5. What ws the length of your block of soil? __30cm

Compare the lengths with the other teams in your room. Are the lengths the same?

Why or why not?\ are stream table is the same with the outher team.