Lesson 6: Where Does the Water Go?


Section A: Testing Pore Space in Earth Materials

After filling your cylinders with 30 ml of water and letting them sit for 5 minutes, answer the following question:

Q: Where did the 30 ml of water go when you added it to each soil type? Why do you think this happened?
A: The 20 ml of water soaked into the object.

Q: Did you get 30 ml of water back from each cylinder? Why do you think this happened?
A: No, some of it evaporated. And some of it soaked into some of the objects.

Section B: Reflection

Q: Based on what you've seen today, write your own definitions of "ground water" and "runoff" (4 pts).
A: ground water: Water from the ground.
runoff: It's water that used to be in the stream.

Q: Where do you think your family receive its drinking water (pts)? Based on the investigation, make a hypothesis.
Hypothesis: Our family gets water from the pipes.
Compare the lengths with the other teams in your room. Are the lengths the same?
Why or why not? We did not have the same amout of water maybe beacuse they did not pour that much?